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Church Management Software


CristO (ChMS) is a type of software designed to help churches and religious organizations streamline and manage various administrative and organizational tasks. It helps churches manage member information, administer the sacrament data, track attendance, handle contributions and donations, schedule events, facilitate communication, and more. By providing tools to automate and centralize these functions, effective church management software empowers church leaders to focus on fostering community, spiritual growth, and meaningful engagement among their members.

Welcome to the smartest way to energise your Parish, Province or Diocese.

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Effective church management software doesn’t have to be sophisticated to use

Parish Management Software


Store & organize the member data that’s best for your church

“Church Sans Paper”. Effective Parish management software is a comprehensive digital solution designed to streamline and enhance the administrative and organizational tasks of a religious congregation. Parish with facilities manage families, members & sacraments. CristO is accessible at the diocesan, parish, family or individual member level. Diocesan administrator can have access to all information related to the diocese.

Province Management Software


A paperless technology driver back office for an administration.

“Congregation Sans Paper”.This is a user-friendly software tool for the religious head of a religious institute, province secretary, institute/community heads and for all province members - to manage all communications (circular, email, meetings), create records (chronicles, concerns), maintain member critical and personal information, assignments, history, institution/community information, planning, reporting and archiving.

Diocese Management Software


Store & organize the member data that’s best for your Diocese

“Diocese Sans Paper”.Cathedra is a Diocese Management software for Catholic Diocese. “Diocese Sans Paper” A paperless technology driver back office for an diocese administration. This is a user-friendly software tool for the diocese head of a Bishop, Chancellor ,Secretary and for all diocese members - to manage all communications (bishop program,diocese update,newsletter,circular, email, meetings), create records and maintain member profile and personal information, appointments, vicariate, parish information, reporting and archiving.

We’ll transfer your data for free.

If you subscribe to any paid plan, we’ll import your data for free into CristO, no matter where you have it now. If you want to do it yourself, we have the tools to help you set your account up quickly and easily.