Scheduled SMS

SMS schedules are loaded which are defined manually in SMS Automation feature. If SMS schedule is set manually, parish admin has to approve to send SMS to the selected recipients. It allows you to view the count of scheduled SMS of the parish.

Parish Calendar

Calendar is a feature of organizing days for religious and administrative purpose. It allows you to create a calendar and any user of the CristO application is allowed to add events. You are allowed to create a calendar for each family. Parish calendar displays the events which are defined for the particular day and it also maintains all the organizing event details of the parish.


Subscription feature eases parish admin to maintain the subscription amounts which are paid by the people regularly. Subscription is paid by the people in tow levels: Parish level and Family Level. Allowed to register the subscription amount details collected at the parish level.


Donations are the contribution amounts received from the parishioners or non-parish member towards the maintenance of church related activities. It allows you to create and register the donation details at the parish level.

Liturgical Calendar

Liturgical Calendar feature lets parish admin to allocate the events to the communities to be organized like Daily Mass, Sunday Mass, Marriage Mass and Prayer Service. Parish people are allowed to book in advance to organize the mass in the parish. Provision to view the liturgical calendar at the parish.

Prayer Request

Prayer Request is the event which is given by the parishioners. It allows the family member to make a prayer request and allows the parish priest to view the details. It allows to make a prayer request.


Association is a group of people formed in a parish having common responsibilities to do in the parish. This feature helps you to maintain the member’s details associated in the association group. Total number of Association is displayed.


Commissions are the groups created for the welfare of parishioners, created by the own diocese. It displays the name of the commission and total number of members who are part of the commission and improve and motivate the people in the parish.


Death sacrament registered if the person status is not alive. Death feature helps you to maintain the death details in the parish. If any catholic person dies in the parish, this feature eases you to maintain the details and generate death report if it is necessary. Allowed to register the person details died in the parish.


Marriage is union between individual people. Marriage feature is maintaining the marriage ceremony details which have been happening in the parish. It also displays the member total count of married at the parish level.